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Food allergy bullying, we need your help.

The below is a letter which PAK sent to the Roseanne show after their first two episodes aired last night. At the end of the second episode a peanut allergy was used as a joke for cheap laughs. The food allergic community is often used as a joke in television shows, ad campaigns, movies, and comedians routines. PAK has written countless letters over the years to a variety of celebrities pointing out that life threatening food allergies are not funny. Yet, there has not been a change. When did our society become so cruel? How is making fun of a life threatening conditions which affects 15 million Americans funny? Common manners and inclusivity have gone out the window. PAK is asking you today, whether you have a food allergy in your family or not, to speak up when this food allergy bullying is portrayed in the media. Write a letter, make a phone call, speak up. Demand this bullying and discrimination end. As stated below, it is unlikely that diabetes, cancer, and other serious conditions would be used to get a laugh and if it was there would be outrage. Your support means everything. Thank you for your dedication to the cause. Our brave, amazing, resilient children deserve better. 

Randi Eccleston

PAK President

For fans of the original show the comeback of Roseanne was an exciting opportunity to see what the family is up to now. The episodes which aired last night did not disappoint. They were just as funny as the original. They certainly tackled a variety of issues in one hour. Especially touching was watching Roseanne’s grandson be himself no matter what anyone else thought. Bullying is a real and relevant issue. No child should be bullied no matter what, it is unacceptable. A child should not be bullied for how he dresses. The grandson, after being bullied, reveals that the bully has a peanut allergy and he “can be taken out with trail mix”. Not only is this bullying but it is life threatening. A life threatening condition is never funny and should not be portrayed as such in a television comedy. 

You probably can’t imagine the hours of preparation and planning that go into keeping those with life threatening food allergies safe on a daily basis when everyday foods such as nuts, gluten, milk and eggs can literally kill them. 

Maybe we can help you understand.  Life threatening food allergies is a condition that affects 15 million Americans, 8 million of which are children. Can you imagine your child, friend, family member, or spouse swelling, getting hives, blood pressure dropping, throat closing, fainting, a feeling of impending doom and the very real possibility of dying?

Do you give all life-threatening conditions the equal opportunity to be the butt of your jokes?  Somehow we think jokes about diabetes, pediatric cancer and the like would be off limits for you.  Why are life-threatening food allergies so funny?  They aren’t. 

This is the life for those with life-threatening food allergies.Our members with allergies are brave, determined, courageous, and strong. Please consider doing a new episode, one which expresses inclusion instead of ignorance and misinformation.   If you would like to learn more and how you can help raise awareness for life-threatening allergies, email us at


Parents Of Allergic Kids,

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