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Sponsor A Child

*** New PAK program alert***

We have a special announcement today. PAK is proud to announce our new program “Sponsor-A-Child”. This exciting initiative is rolling out today. This summer, once again, PAK is hosting Camp ROAR. PAK’s goal as always is to provide a safe and fun summer camp. PAK is able to do this through a FARE grant. This year we received a partial FARE grant and we need help filling in the funds which we did not receive so we may keep the cost of camp down for you, our PAK families. Through “Sponsor-A-Child your friends, family, co-workers, employers, and the like can help with our camp costs. $100 covers one child for one week of camp. If you know of a company/individual who would like to be a sponsor, have them email PAK at

Thank you for your help and we are looking forward to another wonderful summer at Camp ROAR!

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