Your Strengths Are Needed...

discover-your-strengthsYour strengths are needed friends!

We are excited about all of the amazing opportunities happening for the PAK community this coming year. It is time to plan 2017 activities and meetings for the adults and children of PAK. This is where you all come in. PAK chairpersons and committee members are required in the following areas:

  • PAK Management: Fundraising, marketing, etc.

  • Member Fellowship: Setting up new members and helping with IMPAKT

  • Awareness Events: Help PAK participate in area events

  • Outreach and Advocacy: Help PAK create positive relationships with area school systems and educate on “food allergy aware” policies and best practices.


The following link has a detailed breakdown of the volunteer opportunities:

Please email us at if you would like to fill one of the roles, or if you have an idea to add to the list! We are always open to new ideas. THANK YOU for your help, time and generosity. Together we can help PAK grow to make our children’s community more inclusive and safe! Many thanks, PAK Coordinators