Prepare for an emergency for your allergic child

72hour kit

With Daylight Savings approaching on November 2, this is a good month for us all to think about and start shopping for our family's 72 hour kits. If there ever is an emergency, you will be prepared with a backpack filled with safe foods and drinks for your child with allergies. Some tips: Each family member should have their own backpack with a couple changes of clothes, socks, etc., several water bottles, dried fruits, granola bars, soups, protein source like jerky, crackers, tiny cereal boxes, packets of hot cereal... The picture is just a sample of a family with peanut/tree nut allergy, so ignore the brands if you have other allergies. It is just to give you an idea of the items that can go in.  Don't forget make sure cans have the built in opener on the lid, or put in a separate can opener. The reason to do it at Daylight Savings time is it is a good time to assess expiration dates, 2 times a year and eat up all that is in there and switch out the food items.