PAK Teal Pumpkin Event Throughout Our City!


PAK members are hosting a TEAL PUMPKIN EVENT on Saturday, October 3, 10 am….Throughout the city, our members will host at parks and pumpkin patches for our kids to paint pumpkins TEAL for food allergy awareness. So far, we are doing them in Davidson, Huntersville, Fort Mill, Wesley Chapel, and checking into some patches. We need more locations! If you would like to host at a location near you here is some information about it...

PAK can reimburse up to 10$ per site for paints and brushes (save receipts). We did this last year and it didn’t cost that much to purchase a teal bottle of paint and brushes at craft store like AC Moore, Michaels, Hobby Lobby (Coupons online)

All hosts must provide an email address to gather RSVPs for your location. Contact the PAK Coordinators at as soon as you have the location set, the sooner the better, so we can advertise ALL the events at once.

If you host at a park,

a) please make sure there is a sufficient area to paint the pumpkins (tables or a place to lay down some plastic tablecloths).

b) members can bring their own pumpkins and you would just provide the paints and brushes.

c) arrive early to make sure the area is free of any allergy triggers.

If you would like to do it at a pumpkin patch or farmers market, please gather information on

a) cost of entry or pumpkin prices

b) if they have food items like nut bins or serve ice cream, can they provide our group with a “pumpkin only” area?

c) availability of restrooms

If you contact media, let us know which station or paper as we have many contacts from previous events and don’t want to duplicate efforts.

Thank you all so much for making this a fun event for our kids to fellowship with each other and an amazing learning opportunity for our community!

Check out for more information.