PAK School Survey

The PAK School Committee has generated a CONFIDENTIAL survey, asking questions relating to Charlotte area public schools and your experiences regarding safety and inclusion in the school setting. We are requesting that every family with a child (or children) who is currently or formerly a student in a Charlotte area public school, Kindergarten through Grade 12, please complete the survey.

Families that have more than one (1) child with allergies may submit the survey more than once, or you may answer the questions based on your children's experiences altogether. This is estimated to take 30 minutes to complete, dependent upon the written responses.

The survey is best viewed and completed on a laptop or desktop. Mobile devices, phones and tablets, tend to truncate the questions, making it difficult to read and answer.

The confidential results of this survey will enable PAK to further serve the growing families of this community as we manage our children's allergies, while promoting a positive, safe and inclusive experience in the public school setting.

Thank you so much for taking the time to complete this important survey!!! ✍️

Click here for the PAK School Survey