PAK Parents Holiday Party this Thursday, December 4!

The PAK Parents Holiday Party with Allergy Friendly Food is this Thursday, December 4 at 7 pm. It will be held in South Charlotte near Stonecrest Shopping Center. Email to RSVP and for directions.

To answer some of your questions about the PAK Parents Holiday Party,

1- First and foremost, this party is for PARENTS ONLY. Since many of our parents have allergies as well and the home hosting is nut free, please make your dish free of peanut and all tree nuts. If it is free of milk, egg, wheat, etc., that would be great as well.

2- If you are attending and have allergies and/or intolerance, let us know! Email us exactly what foods you are avoiding, so we can be sure you can try several dishes. We would never want to exclude anybody! We all deserve this special night to fellowship with other allergy parents and learn new recipes we can try with our kids.

3- Please take a picture or bring actual package of any ingredient in the dish to the event.

4- If you are nervous to cook for others with allergies of food you have in your home, please do still come! Feel free to bring a bottle of soda or water or a package of allergy friendly goodies. There are so many top 8 free companies that sell to our local grocery stores.

5- Last time we did this event, we brought appetizers, snack type foods, dinner dishes, and desserts. It is very casual, mingling type event, not a sit down dinner.

Hope you see you there!