PAK News- Meetings and Events this Fall

Our next PAK meeting is an EPIPEN EDUCATION EVENT with Mylan and Dr. Ekta Shah at Charlotte Medical Clinic on Wednesday, October 1, 7:00pm Charlotte Medical Clinic 10650 Park Road, Suite 300 Charlotte, NC 28210

John Howard, PharmD Medical Science Liaison, Global Medical Affairs will answer our epipen questions. One of our team of medical advisers, Dr. Ekta Shah with Charlotte Medical Clinic, has offered to host and discuss. This will be a great opportunity to ask all of our epipen questions to a team of medical professionals and practice with expired epipens.

We would like to reach out to our members to see if you know of any staff members in your schools that can benefit from the October 1st Epipen Education Meeting. Any school personnel welcome to join, nurses, first responders, in whatever type of school, private, public, day care, church nursery leader. The event is free. If you want to invite babysitters, neighbors, grandparents or other caregivers, please do! These events give us a wonderful opportunity to educate our community! Feel free to pass along our email if you or the school has any questions.

The FARE WALK FOR FOOD ALLERGY will be held on Saturday, November 1, 9 am, Freedom Park. Register online today at  From our Walk chair, Jennifer Barrett...We are going to have an awesome Halloween costume party! So everyone come dressed up. I expect we’re going to see a lot of super hero costumes on the PARENTS since that is really what we all are anyway.  There will be a DJ playing music. He will take requests, we’ll need some input from the older kiddos! There will be face painter(s) so if anyone wants to add to their costume the face painters will be at your service! We are working on having an area for trick or treating, but of course with no treats…and really no tricks either…but hopefully lots of little trinkets and toys that will be relatively age appropriate. With the time line, we are working on fitting in a costume contest. Did I mention parents should come dressed up too? We still have some more to narrow down with the time line, but this is the basic format so far. We’ll finish up with our FARE Walk awards and the FARE Walk itself. This should be a really fun morning/afternoon.

In other news...We had a successful Yoga Event this past Sunday. Tracy Mott at BeYoga was phenomenal at teaching our kids and parents different breathing and poses as techniques to manage our lives with life threatening allergies. We are working with our medical advisers to continue this incredible opportunity to help our families. Stay tuned...

Looking forward to seeing you at all of these great events!

PAK Coordinators