PAK Major Announcement

Dear PAK Supporters and Parents,

We are thrilled to announce that Parents of Allergic Kids (PAK) will soon become a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization!  As PAK membership continues to grow, we must take the next step of becoming a 501(c)(3) in order to continue to provide a high level of outreach and quality support.  Most importantly, we want to leave a legacy to the future children that will be diagnosed and be able to pass the torch to those parents that will follow in our footsteps and continue to pave their way.

Parents of Allergic Kids’ mission since 2006 has been to provide a supportive environment for parents and their allergic children who have serious, life-threatening allergies. Our goal has been to raise awareness about the prevalence and severity of allergies by educating parents, caregivers, professionals, and our children’s peers about safely caring for our children. Parents of Allergic Kids has operated as a non-profit association since 2009.  Through the support of our local medical community and the incredible growth and support of our membership in the Charlotte/ Mecklenburg area, we have been able to provide significantly more services and outreach to our parent members and their children such as:

  • PAK Symposium in April 2016 in which participants included all Board Certified Allergist practices and Dr. Kim from UNC Chapel Hill to discuss current research and treatments.
  • Annual Summer Camp that was awarded a grant from FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education) and therefore was able to double the number of children able to attend at a nominal cost of $25 per child.
  • Nurturing children’s minds, bodies and their overall health by supporting activities such as Yoga and counseling workshops.
  • Facilitating a Teen council and will soon unveil a new logo and initiative to connect this at-risk group for cool activities, support and community service.
  • Hosting workshops generated by parent needs and interests such as partnering with Mylan after the Auvi-Q recall to review proper autoinjector administration to upcoming programs to share tips on packing lunches and decorating cakes!
  • Assisting with generating support to Advocate for School Nurses and State Stock Epinephrine Legislation.

Changing to a 501(c)(3) will not change the nature of our organization. While we have been able to provide all of the events and activities above with small grants in the past, it has become increasingly more difficult to barely meet our operating costs. Making this change to a 501(c)(3) will allow us to seek grant assistance from small businesses and larger corporations;  we have been legally barred from asking for donations from these sources in the past due to only being a non-profit association.  The legal status of being a 501(c)(3) will also allow our current PAK co-leaders to pass this legacy on to future members.  

Getting started will require our supporters and parent member’s financial help!  There are initial start-up and legal costs.  We would sincerely appreciate your financial support in whatever amount you feel is appropriate.  We have set up a PayPal link where you can donate securely on our website which is located at .  Alternatively, you may mail a check payable to: Parents of Allergic Kids, PO Box 1634, Indian Trail, NC 28079

We promise to continue to partner with all Board Certified Allergists in our community to support scientific and evidence based education to our members.  We also want to continue to provide the daily practical “how to’s” and emotional support to our parent members and their children that is required when living with serious, life-threatening allergies.  As co-leaders, the time we have volunteered and will continue to volunteer and dedicate to PAK and its members comes from a depth of sincere commitment and love to the parents and their children wrestling with life-threatening allergies.

Let’s continue to live life to the fullest, remember to carry our autoinjectors and support one another!

Sincerely and With Thanks,

Jodi Stokes

Randi Eccleston

Carrie Merner