To our members who are planning to go the August 24 Knights Game... At tonight's game (Aug 6) the Knights did  NOT ensure the safety of our families. There was no signage, peanuts being eaten throughout our "peanut free" section, selling nut products in the area. Also, the staff was not informed the area was peanut free. These were all promises made to us even when we voiced concerns that they allowed non-PAK members into the area. We do not take this lightly and have already called the person who organized this event. We cannot support a game as "peanut free", if they are not delivering on the promises made.  As the August 24th game is sold out due to them selling most seats to non-PAK members, we feel there will be the same situation as was tonight's game.  If you purchased already and want to cancel, please contact us immediately... When we speak to them, we will find out the protocol, considering this unfortunate situation. We know many of you have enjoyed a safe game over the last 8 years. We will try to work with them for a safer level of accommodation for a future game. But, as it stands, we cannot support this upcoming game.