PAK in our Community

What a great meeting we had this past Saturday! Thank you for your input via email for how PAK can better serve our community. PAK will continue to host larger educational events and continue to work on advocacy and community outreach.

We need your help! Are you interested in hosting a chit chat support session or playgroup in your community? We will encourage and support any of you hosting get togethers in your part of town. We're excited to see an event being formed in the Fort Mill area with a date TBD. We'll continue to support this effort and share the details once settled. Here's how you can help in your part of town...

Simply set a date, time, and place. Perhaps start with a park playgroup or a chit chat at the library.

Strive for non-food events so that they are inclusive and accessible to our food allergic members.

Keep on eye on the PAK calendar on to make sure there is no overlapping of events. Let the PAK coordinators know, so we can create an event on Facebook and add it to our blog/website. We will be happy to send out reminders and spread the word!

Libraries can host meetings easily just by signing up online. The Union & Iredell, York, SC libraries can host for free! Charlotte Meck costs 20$ and PAK can reimburse...…/se…/meetingrooms/meetingroom.html

Another option is our Medical Advisors have graciously opened up their waiting rooms for us and we can connect you for any meetings in their offices.


Save the Date! On October 3, plan to host a teal pumpkin event in your area! Let's raise awareness for Food Allergies all over our city! We can bring our teal pumpkins to the FARE walk for decoration!

On October 3, you set the location and time and PAK will advertise the event.

Arrive with pumpkins, paint and use the opportunity to connect with each other and raise awareness.

Email and we can set your location and date on our PAK Charlotte Calendar and on Facebook.

Our goal is to have a teal pumpkin event in each area: (i.e. Uptown, Southpark, Huntersville, Mooresville, Indian Trail, University, Fort Mill, Ballantyne, Concord, Gastonia, etc...

Let's paint the greater Charlotte/Mecklenburg region TEAL and raise awarness!

Fresh Ideas and input are ALWAYS appreciated anytime. We are a community with the same goal; awareness and safety for all of our food allergic children. We have a variety of "ages and stages" in our group from the newly diagnosed to those embarking on the teen and college years. Together we have a wealth of experiences and resources to share! Contact Jodi Stokes at and let us support and share opportunities for us to get together and support one another!

The PAK board members with their duties are:

Jodi Stokes, Co-founder, sets up new members, moderator of Facebook, meeting development...

Jennifer Youse, Co-leader, works on advocacy, community outreach, meeting development...

Randi Eccleston, Marketing Coordinator, working on teen council, outreach to allergy & ped. practices, meeting development...

and our newest Board Member...

Carrie Merner, Education Coordinator, working on school outreach, advocacy and meeting development...

Look forward to hearing from you!

PAK Coordinators,

Jodi, Jennifer, Randi, and Carrie