PAK Holiday Party

With the holidays approaching, we thought it would be great fun to host a PAK Holiday Party with Allergy Friendly Food on Thursday, December 4 at 7pm. This night will be a relaxed and casual get-together where we eat and share allergy friendly recipes. Location will be in South Charlotte near Stonecrest. RSVP to for more details.  Email the recipe by November 28 and we will compile a mini recipe book to pass out that night.

Please make your dish free of peanut and all tree nuts.  If it is free of milk, egg, wheat, etc., that would be great as well.  Food ideas include breads, muffins, cookies, chicken salad, sausage casserole, macaroni dishes, appetizers, any food good for quick dinner ideas, holiday treats, or school lunches.

Due to the wide variety of foods present, we strongly suggest this party be for parents only. Many of our PAK families have adults with food allergies, please bring packages of each ingredient.