PAK Advocacy Update: School Nurses in CMS

First I want to tell you the GREAT NEWS!!The County Manager came out with her proposed budget last week and it includes 33 more school nurses and 3 more school nurse Supervisors which will give us ONE NURSE IN EVERY CMS SCHOOL!!  We have never gotten to this point before so this is very exciting and a great success!  Thanks to all of you who have sent emails about this issue and done so much to help move this cause forward! 


Here is a link to the proposed budget:

Here is some new media about school nurses:

Although that is GREAT NEWS, Nothing is final until the County Commissioners vote so if ever there was a time for your help, it is now.  There are 3 IMPORTANT things left to do.

  1.  Come to the proposed budget public hearing wearing red on June 11 by 5pm.   The hearing begins at 6pm but they will stop allowing people in when the room is full.  In addition there is a big CMS rally for Teachers planned there from 4-6pm so it will be packed. Some of us plan to get there by 3pm to be sure we get parking. Since we support CMS and our Teachers we will go to the rally and that way we will be there once the doors open. There will be entertainment and food for purchase.  We will be having 5 sets of speakers so we want people sitting with us in red holding our signs.  Our speakers should be done within the first 60-90 minutes or less we hope.  WEAR RED AND BRING YOUR CHILDREN!

Directions to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center and parking:  Mapquest or GPS to 600 E. Fourth Street Charlotte, NC 28202

77 towards uptown Charlotte to EXIT 9B – which is labeled 277

Take that to Exit 2A – Kenilworth/3rd Street/4th Street

Once you take Exit 2A, however, the off ramp will split – the right part says  Kenilworth and the left is 3rd/4th Street which is what you want, so bear left.

First light is 3rd Street-stay straight .  Go left at next light which is 4th Street

You cross McDowell and keep straight on 4th Street

Get into your left lane. Pass another light

You will see flags on your left and camera crews-this is Government Center on your left

Once you pass it make a LEFT onto S. DAVIDSON for parking.

There is a parking garage on your right! (if you cross 3rd you went too far). Take a ticket but by the time you leave you will most likely not have to pay.

Park in garage and cross street and walk up stairs to Government Center – you go through security and then keep straight and find the chambers.  If you are a speaker, you must check in. Others please get in line so you can get a sit as soon as doors open. The rally will be outside but please find someone in a red shirt that says “Healthy children learn better” or someone with nurse signs so we can tell you when to go inside.

  1. Continue sending emails to our elected officials even if you have done so already. 

Now is the time to THANK our County Manager for putting more nurses in her proposed budget: Email her at

It is also the time to email the Commissioners and thank them for hearing our concerns and ask them to support the County Manager’s budget regarding school nurses.  It is always best to send individual emails but if you do not have time, please cut and paste here:,,,,,,,,

There is also more information on our website at  and go to the You can Help tab.  Please spread the word. 

  1. Join us at the straw vote on June 12 at 2pm.  It starts at 3pm but is in a smaller room which will reach capacity.  We need some supporters there in red too.

While this is not as important as June 11, it is when the actual decisions get made.  (this is not as kid friendly as June 11 but kids can go)

For any questions, please contact Teri at