New PAK Tween/Teen Advisory Board!

Hello all:

We have decided to try something new at PAK. We would like to have a tween/teen advisory board. This board would help to plan events for the children and siblings of PAK. The board will be made up of teens/tweens ages 11-18. They will hold meetings, communicate via email, and they will plan events. If your tween/teen would like to be on the board, please email We will then send you more information including a sheet that needs to be signed by parent and teen/tween. This is so that we know the parent is ok with their tween/teen being on the board and so that we have permission for your tween/teen to use email. At some point we may set up a Facebook page for them but that would not be for a while. If your tween/teen could also send us a paragraph about why they want to be on the board that would be great too.