New PAK Leadership Team!

After 12 years of dedication, PAK’s co-founder and President, Jodi Stokes will be retiring. The new board is:

Randi Eccleston, President: Randi has served on the PAK Board since 2014 as Vice President, Secretary, and Marketing Coordinator. Randi is the mom to two girls. Her youngest daughter was diagnosed with food allergies at the age of 3 ½. She wants to engage the food allergic community with substantive meetings and events for all ages while educating the nonallergic community about the seriousness of the condition.

Heather Chait, Vice President: Heather has served as Camp ROAR Coordinator and on the FARE Walk Entertainment Committee since 2015. She has 2 children, and her daughter was diagnosed with food allergies 9 years ago. She would like to continue PAK’s mission and empower families dealing with food allergies.

Jennifer Youse, Secretary: Jen has been a PAK Coordinator since 2010. She has 2 children, her oldest managing nut allergies. She has served as Volunteer Coordinator for many FARE Walks, as well as organizing meetings and events. She will continue her mission with the imPAKt crew.

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback by emailing us at

Message from outgoing President, Jodi Stokes

After 12 beautiful years, I have decided to step down as PAK President. It has been my absolute honor to co-found and manage our incredible group of families. Your support has given so much to my family through the baby years when I didn’t know what to feed my son, to the toddler years when I was afraid to take him to the park…(or anywhere actually!) through the elementary years with the ups and downs of food challenges and now teen years...So why now? Many of you know we are a homeschooling family. Soon I will have both my sons in a High School Tutorial Program. I have taken a teaching position this upcoming school year. I feel it is the right time to allow for new leadership to add fresh ideas. PAK is in amazing hands… Randi Eccleston as President, Heather Chait as Vice-President and Jen Youse as Secretary, A phenomenal team that I have been blessed to work with for years. I will not be far...My family will continue to need the support and will participate in the imPAKt teen events. With the group as strong as it is now, I feel so grateful to be part of it! My love to you all!