Getting epinephrine from the pharmacist tips

Here are some tips and information about getting your epinephrine prescriptions….

Make sure when you pick up your Rx, that you look in the bag while you are there for 2 things...

1-That it is the device your doctor prescribed-There are many epinephrine devices now. They are not all therapeutically equivalent! See document from KFA which breaks down the different ones available, whether they have trainers and more…

2-The expiration date is 6 months or more. Ideal is 12 -14 months. You can refuse and have them order you a new set with a further out expiration date.

BEFORE you go, call your insurance company to ask how many you can get for one co-pay. Some plans may allow you to get 3 sets which equals 6 epinephrine pens for ONE co-pay. However, your doctor must write it on the Rx for 3 sets. Mail order may even allow for more.

We called around a couple places to get Epipen prices… Walmart pharmacy $398 for epipen, cash price no insurance. Costco (you do not have to be a member to use their pharmacy) is 407.88$ cash price no insurance for .30 Epi about same price for the .15 Jr.

***Check for coupons…zero copay cards are still available, but take note, it may be 100$ off each set depending on your plan. ***

Here is some information from the FDA…

Epinephrine auto-injectors look and function differently from one another, and they have different instructions for use and require different training.

All epinephrine auto injectors listed in the FDA’s Orange Book are BX rated. A BX rating indicates that the FDA considers the data reviewed to be insufficient to determine therapeutic equivalence.

There is no FDA-approved epinephrine auto-injector that is determined to be therapeutically equivalent to Epipen Auto-Injector.

The product being marketed as a generic epinephrine auto-injector is an authorized generic of the Adrenaclick auto-injector only. It is not an A-rated generic alternative to any other epinephrine auto-injector except for Adrenaclick.

When having a prescription filled, patients and/or caregivers should reinforce with the pharmacist the importance of getting the specific epinephrine auto-injector the physician prescribed and they are trained to use.

Any questions, do not hesitate to contact your allergist/health care provider.