First PAK meeting of the new year coming up next month February 7!

Happy New Year PAK Families!

Saturday, February, 7 pm will be our first meeting of the new year and it is a DOUBLE EVENT!

Nutrikids: Making Sense of Nutrition When Faced with Food Allergies with

Sandra West, CNP, AADP, CGP Integrative Practitioner of Nutrition at

Allergy Asthma & Immunology Relief, 1523 Elizabeth Ave., Suite 200 Charlotte, NC 28204

Sandra West will discuss substitution solutions for cooking, baking, and snacks. Substitutions that ensure children with food allergies get the nutrients their bodies need, and from a child’s perspective, taste good.

PLUS, If you would like to bring your older children (8 years old and up)...

While parents have a discussion with Sandra West, our kids, pre-teens and teens will get together for a game night! Food allergic pre-teens and teens and their siblings ages 8+ will get together for an array of activities, i.e. charades, board games, puzzles…(This is not a drop off event, parents must stay) Water only will be served.


***You do not have to have a child attending the Game Night in order to go to the PAK meeting with Sandra West. In addition, if your children are attending the Game Night, you must stay as well.***