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PAK News

  • PAK gave me comfort saved my sanity

    PAK would like to use this space not only to share our news and announcements but also for blog pieces written by the PAK board, PAK members, and by the general allergic community. Stay tuned for details on how you can participate! Here is our first blog piece by Randi Eccleston, PAK President.

    I discovered PAK when my youngest child was a toddler(she’s now 12). She had horrible environmental allergies. Spending time outside made her miserable and she could be nowhere near a dog or cat.She always had “allergy eyes”, her nose was constantly running, and her eczema was out of control.  I was lost. I wanted to make my child more comfortable. She was on constant breathing treatments and it was breaking my heart. So I googled. I googled “allergy support Charlotte, N.C.” Up popped Parents of Allergic Kids. I read through the information and found that PAK was in existence to help those with food, venom, and latex allergies. My daughter, thankfully, did not have any of those allergies. However, I thought that if there was a cure found for food allergies then researchers could find a cure for environmental allergies. How naive that sounds now. I saw that PAK participated in the annual FAAN(now FARE) walk. I volunteered that day because again, I thought that a cure was coming. That day I met so many amazing families including PAK founder Jodi Stokes. I was so impressed with her compassion and enthusiasm. 

    Fast forward...less than a year later and my daughter was diagnosed with anaphylaxis to tree nuts. I guess I found PAK for a reason because now I needed more support. The diagnosis of a food allergy was terrifying. I honestly do not know what I would have done without PAK, I still feel this way all of these years later. The meetings and events PAK held saved my sanity. I learned I was not alone in this difficult journey, I learned how to take care of my daughter not only physically but psychologically as well. 

    PAK has grown from a few moms to nearly 1200 members. On the one hand this makes me overjoyed, to know that so many people are getting the support they need. On the other hand it crushes me to know that so many people have a food allergy diagnosis in our area. 

    Here’s to 2018 and beyond! Thank you to all of you, our 1200 plus PAK members. If you are interested in sharing your allergy journey please email us at info@pcakcharlotte.org

  • Volunteers Needed!

    Hello PAK members! Reflecting on 2017, we are so very thankful for all that PAK was able to facilitate last year. In 2018 we want to continue to offer our members supportive, informative, and fun events. In order to do this, we need to build a strong group of volunteers.

    We want to connect your talents to the opportunities we have available and we value your time, so the PAK Coordinators will be here to guide you. 

    Please let us know if you are interested in helping in one of the following ways. If you would like to volunteer for PAK, but aren’t sure in what capacity, contact us and we’ll help!

    Grants & Fundraising

    Fundraising Chairperson(s) - This chairperson(s) will set up any fundraising event where the funds raised will go back to PAK. All events need to be food-free. We have a lot of ideas on possible fundraising for 2018 and would love to hear ideas from our members.

    Grant writing Chairperson(s) - This chairperson(s) will research grants that are applicable to our group; Lead in writing the grants. 

    Social Committees

    Newly Diagnosed Coordinators - This person will be the support for newly diagnosed members and will organize events for families learning of their new diagnosis. Examples: These events will include social chats with other PAK families and educational meetings coordinated with local doctors.

    Early Childhood Coordinators - (newborn to preschool age children) - coordinate events and activities. Examples: Topics may include formula, breastfeeding, church nursery, pre-k, daycare, playgroups, etc.

    Youth Coordinators - (elementary school age to age 10) - Coordinate events and activities. 

    ImPAKt Coordinators (ages 11-18) - Coordinate events and activities for the ImPAKt tweens/teens. Examples: Sports Connection, Urban Air, Painting class, Escape Room, etc. 

    Adult Night Out Coordinators - This chairperson will schedule periodic nights out for the adults of PAK. Examples: Wine nights, coffee chats, dinners, movies, etc.

    Charity/Giving Back

    Emergency Management Coordinators - Put a plan in place with local food pantries to have shelf-stable, allergy-friendly food available.  

    "Giving Back" Coordinators - Coordinates events and projects in which PAK performs good deeds for others. Examples: ImPAKt tweens/teens writing cards to PAK kids when they experience an allergic reaction (words of empathy and encouragement). Also, making pillows for local homeless youth, etc.  

    Media/Public Relations

    Allergy Awareness Chairpeople (Need several) - Tasks include researching community calendars to find opportunities where PAK can have an awareness table. They will also manage the PAK table at these awareness events and activities. Examples: Gluten Free Expo, health & asthma educational events, teal pumpkin events, etc. Create and give out Teal Pumpkin Project starter kits to non-allergic families.

    Flyer Creator - For each PAK event a flyer is needed and it will be added to our Facebook posts and website blog. PAK will give you all of the information and you use your creativity to make and add the flyer. 

    Video Producer - Assist ImPAKt kids with making an informative video series

    Literature Coordinator - These coordinators (multiple per county) would deliver PAK/IMPAKT informational literature, flyers, and printed calendars/announcements to allergists, pediatricians etc as needed.

    FARE Walk Committee - Work with our FARE Rep, Jennifer Barrett, on various jobs. Keep an eye out for an updated list of volunteer opportunities from Jennifer in the near future.

    North Charlotte Coordinators - We would like to increase social events and support for our North Charlotte and surrounding area members, including Concord, Huntersville, Mooresville, etc. To do this, we need volunteers for the following:

    N. Clt Early Childhood Coordinators - (newborn to preschool age children) - coordinate events and activities. Examples: Topics may include formula, breastfeeding, church nursery, pre-k, daycare, playgroups, etc.

    N. Clt Youth Coordinators - (elementary school age to age 10) - Coordinate events and activities. 

    N. Clt ImPAKt Coordinators (ages 11-18) - Coordinate events and activities for the ImPAKt tweens/teens. Examples: Sports Connection, Urban Air, Painting class, Escape Room, etc. 

    Camp ROAR

    Camp ROAR will be June 25-29 this year and we will need volunteers to help the week of camp! Also teen volunteers!



    Join us for PAK-A-BEAR!!!! 2/3/18 at 3pm at St. Matthew Catholic Church (8015 Ballantyne Commons Parkway in Charlotte). This event is for children ages Pre-K to 5th grade. Parents must stay for the entire event. We will also need teens to volunteer. Please email us at info@pakcharlotte.org with your child's name and age. 

    This will be a great event where we will explore how our bear can take care of his/her allergies. We will also practice using trainer auto-injectors. 

    We can "bear-ly" wait! See you there!

  • Eric Edwards live event!

    Save the date and join us for a live event from the comfort of your own home computer. Eric Edwards, MD, PhD Co-inventor of the Auvi-Q and Kaleo Vice President of Product Strategy will run a live event on January 15th, 2018 at 7pm.

    Stay tuned for more details and a link for the event. 

    It's going to be great!

  • Share Your Wish

    Here is a wonderful opportunity for the next time you are planning a party. The Share Your Wish program lets you, the party planner, pick a charity for your party guests to donate to. Parents of Allergic Kids is now on the list of charities and we are so very grateful. All of the information can be found on their website. Check it out! https://www.shareyourwish.com/how-it-works/for-the-host

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