Epinephrine in Schools is in the Proposed State Budget!

Jul 31, 2014 — Dear Epi Pen Bill Advocates,

The language from the Epi Pen Bill has successfully made it into the joint budget! It is the exact language from the bill and it continues to be a mandatory requirement!

This is great news and I know it is because of all your efforts! That many emails and phone calls did not go unnoticed. We need to still wait to breathe a sigh of relief until it is all said and done because the legislators have to debate the full budget bill and vote on it twice . However, it is looking very good. If we hear any word of the Epinephrine portion being debated, we will send it on to you immediately.

Tell your networks to email their own personal Senators and Representative to express their support for this part of the budget, that would be wonderful. They can say that they support the portion of the budget titled "Supply of Emergency Epinephrine Auto-Injectors on School Property" Section 8.23(a).

I hope you will all take a moment to reflect upon that fact that your efforts will save the lives of children across NC. We were all a part of this and it really has been a grassroots effort. We lost a great advocate in Rep. Fulghum who passed away last month. Members of our advocacy group met with him for the first time to propose this bill with Dr. Townsend two years ago. Rep. Fulghum was immediately receptive and told us he would fight with us. I hope that we have made him proud.

We will keep you posted and please pass along any update that come your way.