Call to Action! Epipen in Schools Bill

Dear Epi Pen Bill Advocates,

This is it! We are down to the wire. There is word that our bill may finally move in the Senate, but we have to increase the pressure immediately. The bill has been languishing in the Senate Education Committee since last session. Legislators hope to wrap things up this session and if our lifesaving bill is not heard, it will be too late.

Please take the time to call, email, and visit with:

- Senator Brock (Our Senate Advocate) - - (919) 715-0690

- Senator Soucek (Chair of Education Committee) - - (919) 733-5742

- Senator Tillman (Co-Chair of the Education Committee) - - (919) 733-5870

- Senator Barefoot (Vice Chair of the Education Committee) - - (919) 715-3036

Here is a link to the entire Senate Education Committee if you can email them all or push anyone who specifically represents you:

Our message needs to include the following:

- Why you support House Bill 824 "Epi Pens in Schools"

- The bill needs to be heard in the Senate Education Committee immediately. It has languished for too long!

- There are no groups opposing this bill, however there are many groups supporting it (NC Association of Pediatricians, School Nurses Association, Mom's Rising, FAAN/FARE, NC FACES, Charlotte and Triad Parents of Allergic Children)

- This bill is cost neutral. The law will allow NC grant money that will cover the costs of the Epi Pens.

- Epi Pens are safe, easy to use, and save lives.

- This bill will save children's lives, but we must not wait until we have a child in NC to name the bill after.

- North Carolina is one of the last states to enact epi pen legislation.

- Do not modify the bill to make it weaker. We want it to be mandatory for schools, not voluntary. If you do get into a discussion about modification, the two changes we would support are changing the wording of "epi pen" to epinephrine autoinjector" so schools are not brand tied. We also support extending the immunity to private schools. however, we are down to the wire and it is better to pass the bill as is than have nay more delays while wording is changed.

News Links

Other states have recently publicized cases where similar laws have saved childrens lives. Feel free to share these links and any others that you find.




Please reply if you have things to add to the message or if you hear anything back from your contact efforts. Please also forward this email to anyone that I have left off or who you know will spread the word and help us get this lifesaving law passed.

Thank you all for you hard work on this bill. It will saves lives, but we have to get the Senate to actually hear it before the session ends this week.

Good Luck!

Kendra Montgomery-Blinn