Live Life...Bring Epi

PAK is a network of families in and around Charlotte, NC with food, venom & latex allergies.

We offer support & events for parents, teens and children, at little or no cost to the community.

We are a 501c3 organization. Donations are always appreciated so that we can continue educating and raising awareness.


Thank you for considering PAK!

We depend on our faithful members and the community to financially support the many events and outreach opportunities that we offer. Without your help, it could not be done!


  • The National Peanut Board

    It came to our attention yesterday that The National Peanut Board took out a full page ad in USA Today regarding Southwest's decision to stop serving peanuts. The ad is full of inaccuracies and misinformation. The PAK board decided that we needed to respond. Please see below our letters to The National Peanut Board and Southwest Airline. To The National Peanut Board-We are writing today in regards to your full page ad in USA Today.   Read More...

  • August News!

    Here's all the news and updates for August! We hope you are having a wonderful summer!Don't forget the Yiasou Greek Festival 5k is on August 25th. Please sign up using the code"PAK2018".   Read More...

  • July updates!

    Here are some updates and reminders for this month! Please email with any questions.*The Greek Festival 5k is on August 25th. $10 from every adult registered and $5 from every child will come back to PAK.   Read More...

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The discussions, meeting minutes, handouts, speakers, agendas and other products of this group do not constitute medical and /or legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. Always discuss individual health / medical concerns with a qualified personal physician.

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